In August of 2016 Mike Damon and Rocco Bortone travelled our great country to prove to ourselves that our physical and/or mental ailments couldn’t get the best of us. During the trip of 15 days, 7600 miles and 22 states this evolved into something neither of us imagined.

During our stops we caught up with Vets we served with and some we just met. Some of the recurring themes were some of our Brothers and Sisters were dealing with problems and weren’t sure how to handle them. Things like “what resources are available and where?” or “Does what I am feeling make me less of person in your eyes?” 22 Veterans commit suicide each day. Are they asking themselves these questions and many more? Do they know there is help available and what types of help?

In August 2017, we rode the country again with focus on checking the Brothers and Sisters we know and don’t know to provide any assistance we can. We’ve also added Derek “Doc” Roat and Will Rivera to our crew for the first week and Carrie Jean McIntyre to the second week.

If you know of a Vet that is struggling or just need a buddy check go to our Contact page and let us know. We’re all in this together.