Each Christmas Lynda Petersen sponsors children of deployed troops and veterans who are struggling to make ends meet. She sends toys, books, or outfits for children ages newborn to ten. Last year provided those things for 50 children. This year she hopes to increase it to 75.
Each child receives a minimum of a toy, book, and outfit. Candy canes, coloring books, crayons, and matchbox cars are included as well. These are families she knows through veterans groups – both Facebook and local.
Lynda will travel from as far out as North Carolina to deliver these presents and shipping the rest around the country.

Since Lynda is part of the TFVV Team and is responsible for sending us the names of many Veterans around the country that she has personally talked to, we decided to help her with her annual birthday wish. Today “Lynda’s Birthday Wish” has been added as one of TFVV’s projects.

Operating under our 501c3, we hope to assist Lynda in her goal which she works on throughout the year.

If you would like to make a donation so she can continue this amazing and selfless mission go to https://squareup.com/store/tfvv

These Active Duty and Veteran Families are across the country so if you would like to sponsor a local family, let us know. Lynda’s reach is incredible so she probably knows a family in your state.

If you know of an Active Duty or Veteran Family that is struggling send us the information. We will try our best to add them to Lynda’s list.