Rocco Bortone - Founder/President

Rocco BortoneFounder/President

Rocco is a Navy Veteran (87-91). As a FMF Corpsman, he was deployer with VMA 231 to Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield/Storm. While deployed to MCAS Iwakuni with VMA 331, a few of his Marines gave him the call sign "Mom".

Rocco can be found easily driving his red jeep with TFVV and Lutz Buddy decals. Or on his blue Harley with similar decals. He keeps t-shirts and other items to give out to Veterans and First Responders he meets.

Lynda Petersen

National Outreach & Lynda’s Birthday Wish

Lynda Petersen has been active in supporting active duty military and veterans for many years. While still employed as a Child Development Specialist, she regularly sent letters and  care packages to deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once retired, her personal mission became to do all that she could to prevent the 22 a day. She has traveled across the country offering direct support to many veterans. Her “Lynda’s Birthday Wish” Christmas program provides books, toys, and outfits to children of active duty military, veterans, and first responders. Lynda is available 24/7 and can often be found on the phone talking to or messaging “her veterans”, many of whom call her Mom, Grandma, or Auntie.

Erin Donovan

Operations Coordinator